Vintage workshop

Our christmas collection

As you know,
every year we have a christmas creation.
This year it is
Mr. Squirrel
Pris/price: DKK 465,-/€ 68,-

Pris/price: DKK 175,-/€ 25,-

A pair of ice skates made of old fabric.
We also sell them individually,
one skate price: 24 euros

23cm. * 23 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 350,-(par)/€ 48,-(pair)

Christmas bell

Pris/price: DKK 225,-/€ 25,-


Made of cotton, with hat,
scarf and silver wreath.

Pris/price: DKK 475,-/€ 66,-


Small happy snowman
app. 14*24 cm.

Pris/price: DKK 250,-/€ 25,-

Christmas edition
Our rustica backyard cats, made from old fabric,
nice patina, whiskers made from horse hair
Size: 25 - 30 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 350,-/€ 49,-

Size: app. 10 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 75,-/€ 10,-

Stize: app. 25 cm. (without antlers)
Pris/price: DKK 475,-/€ 66,-

Size: app. 17 x 25 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 475,-/€ 66,-

Christmas elfs
Size: app. 20 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 425,-/€ 60,-

Christmas stockings
We love Christmas stockings .. We think they are so Christmas.
We have sewn several different ones in the beautiful old fabric.
Size: app. 45 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 250,-/€ 35,-

Mr. deer
40 x 30 without antlers.
They are all numbered
Pris/price: DKK 585,-/€ 82,-

Christmas pig
Made of beautiful old linen -
Pris/price: DKK 150,-/€ 21,-

Rustic christmas stocking
Pris/price: DKK 250,-/€ 35,-

Noel ribbon with tassel
The ribbon is app. 1m. long.
Foldet around the wreath wich then hangs in app. 50 cm.
Pris/price: DKK 275,-/€ 39,-