Our easter collection

Boys and girls rabbits
Hand made from old materials.
app. 40 cm. height - whiskers made of horse hair
Pris/price: DKK 475,-/€ 66,-

Chicken ladies, numbered
Pris/price: DKK 450,-/€ 63,-

Spring ram
in an old gray linnen,
with horn and Gotland skin.
25 * 20 cm
Pris/price: DKK 450,-/€ 63,-

Spring rabbit of old canvas.
We have dyed collars, old blue and green.
app. 35 cm high
Pris/price: DKK 485,-/€ 68,-

Rustic hare with wreath from our workshop
Size app. 30 x 30 cm. without the ears
We ship all over the world
Pris/price: DKK 525,-/€ 73,-

Hen and rooster
Pris/price: DKK 450,-/stk. /€ 63,-/each

30-35 cm. long
Pris/price: DKK 150,-/€ 21,-